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Faça parte do time Nuffic Neso Brazil.

Education Promotion and Finance officer Nuffic Neso Brazil

Nuffic is the expertise and service centre for internationalisation in Dutch education, from primary and secondary education to higher professional and academic education and research. From its headquarters in The Hague and eleven offices worldwide, Nuffic pursues its mission of internationalising education. As an expert, a service provider, a knowledge centre and as a model for the internationalisation of education.

It is Nuffic's ambition to help ensure that all pupils and students have the opportunity to develop a strong basis in internationalisation by 2020. Internationalisation belongs at the very core of education. What is more, Nuffic believes that internationalisation in education is a prerequisite for successful international cooperation in a global context, helping to dissolve or push back boundaries and opening up a whole new world.

Nuffic Neso Brazil is a part of the Education Promotion Department of Nuffic.

Education Promotion Department

We are in direct contact with students, teachers and institutions around the world. We have foreign offices – Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nesos) – in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Nesos promote Dutch higher education abroad while giving Dutch education institutions insight into the local student market. They also provide support by facilitating institutional cooperation. We use the Holland Alumni network and the career portal to strengthen ties between international students and alumni with the Netherlands.

Nuffic Neso Brazil

Nuffic Neso Brazil promotes Study in Holland, provides information and counselling of prospect students, facilitates and supports the Holland Alumni Network in Brazil, provides relevant information on the Brazilian study abroad market to Dutch education institutes and offers tailor-made services, for these institutions as well as others interested in international education marketing.

Neso´s core activities are:

  • Education promotion and marketing
  • Tailor made services
  • Market research
  • Management of (scholarship) programmes and entrepreneurial projects
  • Alumni activities
  • Student counseling

Job summary

Education promotion and finance officer Neso Brazil

The Education promotion and Finance Officers (EP&FO) is responsible for maintain the financial administration, assisting with reporting and functioning as a contact person for both external accountant and lawyer/legal advisors.  The EP&FO ensures that Nuffic Neso Brazil complies to all legal obligations.

The second responsibility of the EP&FO is the execution of direct communication of Nuffic Neso Brazil with the focus on the target groups of prospect students, their parents and other parties that play a role in the decision-making process on study abroad issues. The EP&FO is tasked with providing information and counseling to prospective students

The EP&FO will manage the Orange Tulip Scholarship programme, the including maintaining close contact with the DHEIs and the organizing the application procedure at Nuffic Neso Brazil.

The officer also supports the office with ICT and other technical or operational issues, to make sure that the office runs smoothly.

The EP&FO will provide support to other activities of the Neso office, in particular promotion of Study in Holland and the implementation of tailor made services.


The EP&FO reports directly to the Chief Representative Officer of Neso Brazil regarding activities and results. With regards to the financial reporting, the EP&FO reports to the head of the Education Promotion Department of Nuffic.

Job qualifications

To perform well at this position, it is important that the EP&FO has excellent communication skills and profound knowledge Dutch higher education system and other relevant rules and regulations related to studying in the Netherlands. In addition, the EP&FO should have financial and accounting knowledge and proactive networking skills. Furthermore, the EP&FO has skills and affinity to support marketing and promotion activities, including online marketing, and has an entrepreneurial attitude.

The requirements for an EP&FO of Nuffic Neso Brazil are:

  • Knowledge and experience in accounting, office management and general administrative support
  • Knowledge of the Dutch higher education system and other relevant rules and regulations related to studying in the Netherlands
  • English language skills on a professional level
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Proactive networking skills


Main activities

  • Financial, administrative, legal and office support

Keep an accurate and up to date record of the Nuffic Neso’s financial administration

Contribute specific data to the Chief representative officer (and to the Nuffic in the form of the PBN) and assist in preparing Financial Analyses as well as the Annual Plan and budgets.

Responsible for processing international transactions. Required to handle banking contracts with attention to terms, fees and covenant details

Maintain contact with the external account to ensure that the financial & tax requirements are met.

Support the CRO in legal matters in terms of advice and keeping track of all office contracts (contents and archiving and functioning as the contact person for the Nuffic Neso’s lawyer.

Services clients of other officers and assist with operational tasks, on an as-needed basis


  • Student counseling and education promotion


Through direct contact with prospect students (online or offline), inform them on Study in Holland and on issues related to the process of studying in Hollands, such as rules and regulations, visa, finances, social security, etc.

Collect materials/brochures and maintain the Information & Documentation Center at Nuffic Neso Brazil.

Organise the participation of NNB and DHEIS in fairs, in close cooperation with the CRO, and oversee all logistics and budgets pertaining to these events.

Organise and oversee all logistics and budgets pertaining to our events

Participate in fairs and give SiH presentations at fairs, the office or other locations.

  • Support of tailor made services


In close cooperation with the Chief Representative officer participate in the implementation of tailor made services, in particular the organization of webinars and presentations of DHEIS.

Position & salary

The EP&FO is positioned directly under the Chief Representative Officer of Nuffic Neso Brazil and therefore reports directly to him or her, who also gives appraisal and does the evaluation of the EP&FO.

For a 40 hour work week Nuffic Neso Brazil offers a monthly nominal salary of minimum R$ 5.000,00. Exact salary determination is based on experience and education background. The EPO will be offered a contract via a work agency.


Please send your job application letter including CV via e-mail to before or on 9 of July 2018.


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