Mais possibilidades para empreendedores estrangeiros na Holanda

Publication date: 2013-08-28 01:28

Mudança na lei holandesa oferece melhores oportunidades para empresários de fora da União Europeia iniciarem novos negócios na Holanda.

The rules for entrepreneurs and freelancers from outside the European Union who want to establish themselves in the Netherlands are being relaxed.

The Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp said the adjustment, which comes into effect this week, is aimed at "innovative entrepreneurs who with their special skills make an extra contribution to the Dutch economy."

He wants to make the Netherlands more attractive to foreign talent and more responsive to the needs of the creative, medical and ICT sectors, fields in which many freelancers work.

Changes to rules

As of August 1, the amount that a migrant must invest in their business in order to qualify as an entrepreneur will drop from 25.000 euros to 5.000 euros.

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