Credential Evaluation Course

This course teaches you the principles of evaluation and recognition of foreign credentials. The course consists of five in-depth modules and an additional module covering the basics: Credential evaluation in a nutshell.

We would like to inform you about our new Credential Evaluation Course, a unique online course that will teach you the finer points of credential evaluation in five in-depth modules.

What makes this course unique?

  • ·         suited for all levels;
  • ·         module-based: decide for yourself which modules to complete;
  • ·         available 24/7;
  • ·         interactive: ask the course trainer questions and discuss them with fellow students.

Who for?
The course is suited to everyone involved in credential evaluation, from admissions officers and policy staff at education institutions to recruiters and HR officials in the business sector.


The course consists of five in-depth modules, each of which comprises assignments and theory. If you do not deal with credential evaluationon a daily basis, but would like to know the essentials, you can take the separate basic module Credential Evaluation in a Nutshell.


Each individual module costs € 125. If you take all five modules, the total price is € 545. After payment, the module will be available online for six months.

More information and registration
If you would like to know more or wish to register, go to, or send an email to

Find our YouTube-playlist with a short video on each of the training modules! The complete range of courses and training programmes offered by the EP-Nuffic Academy is available at (in Dutch).

Information can be found here(309 kB)

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