Universidades Participantes - De Malas Prontas para a Holanda

Conheça as universidades Holandesas que oferecem bolsas de estudo para Transformadores, Educadores & Inspiradores através do De Malas Prontas

*Conheça as universidades que apoiam essa iniciativa 

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Radboud University 

1.       Discover the Netherlands: Field Trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen!

2.      Positive Psychology: The Science Behind Flourishing Individuals and Organisations

3.      Dutch Culture and Language

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

1.  How to keep cities sustainable in the future?

University of Amsterdam 

  1. Alcohol, Drugs & Addiction
  2. Amsterdam/Rotterdam: Exploring Identity
  3. Grant Writing & Proposal Development
  4. Migration & Integration: Refugees, Rights & Realities
  5. Planning the Cycling City
  6. Security Governance & Conflict Resolution
  7. Sexuality, Culture & Society
  8. The Everyday City & Beyond
  9. The Urban Food Experience: Exploring Food & the City

University of Twente 


  1. Design the Future
  2. Earth Observation & GIS for Engineering and Security
  3. English for Academic Purposes
  4. EntrepreneurialU
  5. Finance bootcamp for Smart Businesses
  6. Fossil free cities
  7. Search Engine Technology 
  8. Governance and Ethics of Technology
  9. Health and Happiness
  10. Risk Management
  11. Lean and Agile beyond the hype
  12. Serious Gaming
  13. Smart Cities
  14. The Future of Health Technology
  15. Water

Utrecht University

  1. A Journey Through Dutch Art
  2. Discovering the Dutch: Dutch Culture and Society
  3. Dutch Culture in a European Context
  4. Dutch Culture: History and Art
  5. Dutch Culture: Society and Current Issues
  6. European Cultures and Identities
  7. European Politics and Economy
  8. European Studies
  9. From Van Gogh to Picasso: Modern European and Dutch Art
  10. Nothing Is What It Seems: Dutch Art of the Golden Age
  11. The 20th Century: Europe in Three Wars
  12. The Making of Europe: from Middle Ages to Modernity


VU - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

8 TO 22 JULY




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