High tech industries in the Netherlands

The Dutch High tech sector is vital for health, mobility, energy and security. Quick facts and figures about the High Tech industry

High tech industries in the Netherlands are among the most innovative in the world, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research and development. Dutch technological know-how and products are much sought-after and are exported worldwide.



The Netherlands’ centuries-old tradition of creativity, pragmatism, entrepreneurship, openness and collaboration forms a perfect fit for the High-Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) sector. These qualities make the Netherlands the perfect place to find solutions to the challenges society is facing today in the areas of health and wellness, security, renewable energy, mobility and climate; solutions that, due to the complexity of the challenge, are primarily generated through cross-overs in technology and collaboration.

Rapid innovation and collaboration across the value chain is imperative in this highly competitive and highly complex sector and a well-functioning network (‘ecosystem’) of specialised companies and institutions is crucial to achieving this. These ‘ecosystems’ or centres-of-excellence are located around the country with perhaps the most significant being Brainport region Eindhoven, in the Southeast of the Netherlands – voted World’s Most Innovative Region, in 2015. There are also strong concentrations of high-tech companies and universities in other parts of the Netherlands, such as around Twente and Delft. The high-tech sector includes a number of closely related industries including: the high-tech systems industries, automotive, aerospace and materials, including steel.

Did you know?

• Dutch companies invented WiFi, the CD and the DVD. Bluetooth was invented by Dutchman Jaap Haartsen. And high-tech equipment from Dutch companies are used in 90% of all silicon chips produced worldwide.

• Dutch multinational ASML is the world’s leading provider of lithography machines for the semiconductor industry.

• In 2012 the export value from the HTSM sector was 45 billion euros, and the added value 42 billion euros.

• The Netherlands has a world-leading position in the design and manufacture of milking robots.

• In 2014, Tech United, a team from the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e), became World Champion Robot Soccer for the second time at the RoboCup 2014 in Brazil.

• There are some 60 nationalities working and studying in the Netherlands in the field of High Tech Systems and Materials, proving the attractiveness of the Netherlands for foreign knowledge workers.

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